What a Time!

Hi All,

We are currently in Motueka (for those of you following along with the home version of the game – ie. a map) and getting packed up for our 3 day Abel Tasman experience.  This is on the northern coast of the south island and is supposed to be one of the most beautiful places in the country.  We look forward to it!

We finished our tour of the west coast and are quite taken with it, especially the northern half of it where we camped next to the beach, had bonfires and met lovely kiwi’s along the way.  We were in Westport last night and have never before seen such a beautiful beach.  We spent the day playing in the fine golden sand and the warm Tasman Sea.  Gorgeous.

Jackson will celebrate his 11th birthday on the 26th and we’ve planned a 1/2 day kayak trip along Abel Tasman and hopefully I’ll be able to find an oven to bake a cake for him! We’ll see how that works.

All are well here and we are loving NZ.  

Much love


2 thoughts on “What a Time!

  1. Have a blast in Abel Tasman! I loved it there! We did a half day kayak and half day hike back through the rain forest and it was so beautiful!
    Looks & sounds like you guys are having a blast so far!!

  2. Hi Sarah, you sound like you guys are having a great time so far, i love your photos!! You will enjoy the Abel tasman journey, i did it when i first came over here and it is absolutely beautiful. You will get to see some amazing sites. Enjoy!!!! Keep in touch

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