One Month to go

Here we are 30 days until we are off and a few things are happening. We are still trying to sell our car, we are looking for new tenants, and I am still renovating the basement.

I am making progress on the basement. I have now at least purchased the concrete and had it hauled to the side of my house. Thursday to Sunday I will be mixing and pouring the new floor. Wish me luck. This will be the first time I am pouring more that a couple square feet of the stuff.

The car – interestingly – still has not had much interest. We thought for sure there would be someone needing a good car with great all-wheel-drive handling. We have lowered the price almost $2,000 now. Contact me if you are interested! 😉


The tenants that were going to come and stay and care for our two dogs had something happen that forced them to change their plans and we cannot fault them for the incident that precipitated it, so here we are in the last month and we are trying to find some tenants who can care for our dogs. Two great dogs.

Bennett and NickiBennett and Nicki