An Update

Hello All!
We’ve settled nicely into our little house by the ocean and organized ourselves for the next 5 months or so. Jackson and Will have begun school and are thoroughly enjoying their new friends and experiences. The school requires the kids wear uniforms which is a dream come true for the parents. It certainly makes mornings a lot easier! The school is fantastic and we are loving it. They make outdoor life part of the curriculum and have included daily swim classes, beach education, etc so that the kids get a real sense of how important outdoor activity is. Jackson participated in his first triathlon with two other friends. He did the swimming leg of the competition which many of you know is amazing as Jackson has struggled with swimming for years. It certainly is not his favourite sport, but by the end of it he was quite keen to do another in March but the whole thing on his own this time. Will, too, has been fitting in quite well. He’s taken to the ocean like a fish… well, you get the point. We bought the boys wet suits since they are to begin their surfing lessons this weekend if all works out.

Classes have begun for me (Sarah) and so far so good. I like the classes I’m taking and the prof’s seem very nice and approachable. There is a lot of more emphasis on assessment as the term goes by so I don’t have to worry about 100% finals this term. Woohoo! Jonathan is working hard from home but does get a little stir crazy so he’s begun to run in the evenings to get out of the house and let off some steam.

I’ve included some pictures of the last month. There are so many festivals here in Christchurch and we are looking forward to taking them in as the months go by. The one we are looking forward to the most right now is the Mussel Festival mid-March. Yum.



First Day of School. We hadn’t quite moved into the rental house yet. That was still a week away!!


Lyttleton on the other side of the hill. Port for Christchurch

And really big cruise ships come to call most weekends.

Finish line for the Speight’s Coast to Coast race is on Sumner Beach.


Scarborough Hills, we live at the end of the beach. and Lyttleton is on the other side.


Cave Rock can be explored at low tide.



Cave Rock — that’s a mast not a cross.


It is really hard to live like this. Really.


Our little place


Colours of the Mother-Land






Jack did the swimming leg of his triathlon team at school



Ready, Set…





Jack doing the School Patrol


Will on the way home from school.

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  1. Hi All:

    Big ??????’s. So how does one return to 417 29th Street West
    Saskabush. SK
    S7L 0M3

    ….. after this kind of experience.

    Hi Boys, keep having fun !

  2. WOW!!! The pics keep getting better. It is about -30 today with some snow in the forecast – but the sun is shining right now!!! Only a bit of envy from this house. 🙂 Thanks for all of the great updates!

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